Welcome to 2016…

A kindergarten celebrates the founding of the JNF in Haifa, 1949

2015 was busy for the Jewish National Fund. Its 114th year saw the JNF continuing to posture as an environmentalist and humanist charity organisation. On its blog you can read about forestation and afforestation, solar energy, national parks (precious ‘green lungs’), and social and educational initiatives. What of the displacement, depopulation, dispossession and deprivation wreaked in the process? What of ongoing developments in the West Bank? All washed green. This was on Edo Konrad’s mind when he wrote this article questioning JNF UK’s decision to host a ‘Bedouin night’ recently. “The concept of an event honoring Bedouin culture grows even more absurd in light of a reality in which villagers are slowly being forced to abandon the same traditional, pastoral lifestyles the JNF is trying to portray in its event,” he wrote.

Below are some pictures of actions around the globe to bring attention to the false claims made by the JNF. Click on the image to read more.

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About 200 protested in Chicago in October 2015 against the JNF.

Over 300 people protested in Chicago in October 2015, including Jewish Voice for Peace Chicago and the Coalition for Justice in Palestine.

Picketing a JNF dinner in Vancouver, June 2015.

Picketing a JNF dinner in Vancouver, June 2015.

The Finnish World Village Festival decided to exclude the JNF in 2015.